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Children are important to THE CHURCH OF THE VALLEY. We have many boys and girls of all ages each Sunday. Not only do we minister to their spiritual growth but we also offer programs that will help them to develop in all areas of their young lives.

FIRST....All you have to do is help your children to get up and get ready to meet our bus which comes by your house at 9:15 each Sunday morning. School clothes or play clothes are fine.

NEXT....Our courteous bus captain will pick up your children at your door. When the bus arrives at the church your children will be escorted to their classrooms where friendly, competent teachers receive them.

THEN....The children are helped back on the bus and then are driven right back to your door. The bus captain will help your children across the street so all are safe. Your bus captain will return the following Saturday to visit your children and ask them to again ride the bus to Sunday School.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange for your children to be included on the Sunday morning bus route.

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